Daily Devotions

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Philippians 1:21

To Live Is Christ

The Apostle Paul has identified the conflict that every person who passionately lives for Christ has experienced.

To die is absolute gain. To glorify God in His presence in heaven is a great desire for all believers. What joy it will be to be part of the Bride of Christ at the greatest wedding celebration that will ever be held! You will see angels and creatures that are only briefly described in the Scriptures. There is a new heaven and a new earth. And the One on the throne, who has created all things and redeemed you - oh, who can ever stop praising and worshipping and glorifying!?

But until then, to live is Christ. How much work is there to do until that moment of transition! How many people are there to share this great news with, ones that are currently heading away from the wedding feast? How many people are there that are currently in the faith that need to be built up and established and encouraged? How much more work is there to be done in your own character to refine you for that day?

Paul was writing about this conflict while confined in prison in Rome. Paul was still doing the work of Christ and intended on doing it up until the moment that he could no longer do so. He knew that Christ had died to save people. It was always about people. This same Jesus had given him work to do and Paul was determined to do the great task before him.

Everyone is given a limited number of days. You will have eternity to glorify God in person, but only limited time to do the good works before you. (Ephesians 2:10) Will you live for Christ with all you are until you can do no more? (VAL)

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