Daily Bible Reading

Plans to help you read the whole Bible

You have heard it says that God loves you. This is true. So much does God love you that He wants you to grow in Him and also to share in His compassion towards other people. One of the most powerful things He has given us is His Word. Read it daily. Meditate upon it. Memorize it. Then when you need it most, His Word will come back to you and do its intended work in you and through you.

The Psalmist said that He hid God's Word in his heart that he might not sin against God.1 Then he added that a young man can keep his way pure by living according to God's Word.2 God promises other blessings to those who spend time in His Word. He promises faith,3 direction,4 and success.5 Of course, this doesn't mean life will be perfect,6 but it does mean that you will have peace,7 contentment,8 an inner joy9 ... and a Savior who will always be there to minister to you and through you.10

Online Bible Reading Plans

Below are a couple of different plans, or schedules, that will lead you through reading the entire Bible in a year. Too many Christians have not even read through the Bible even once; but you can read through it every year by choosing one of these plans. Select a plan that appeals to you. You will get the passage(s) for today. Come back tomorrow and click the same link and you will get the next passage(s). By this time next year, you will have read through the entire Bible with very little difficulty. May you find develop a closer walk with our Lord and grow in strength and comfort.

Bible In A Year : Blue Plan

Our Favorite and only at SkepticsCall.com This balanced plan provides you a couple of chapters from the Old Testament, some verses from Psalms and Proverbs, and also a passage from the New Testament. The "Blue Plan" link below gives the full day's reading. The "Blue Plan - Morning" link below provides only the Old Testament and Proverbs for that day, while the "Blue Plan - Evening" link provides only the New Testament and Psalms for the day.

|   Blue Plan   |   Blue Plan - Morning   |   Blue Plan - Evening   |

Bible In A Year : Green Plan

Used by The Gideons International, this is a Bible reading plan that provides a morning reading and an evening reading. The morning plan goes consecutively through the Old Testament and the New Testament is read in the evening.

|   Green Plan   |

Bible In A Year : Red Plan

Only at SkepticsCall.com This straight-through plan is intended to give approximately the same amount of text every day of the year so that you can more easily plan your reading time. Some minor variations in length occur where it makes sense to keep the context together.

|   Red Plan   |

Special! New Testament In a Month

Only at SkepticsCall.com Here is a plan that allows you to read the entire New Testament in a month. We have a plan for each month, no matter the number of days. (You can roughly do this yourself by seeing how many pages are in the New Testament in your Bible and then divide that number by 30. This lets you know the approximate number of pages you need to read per day. Hint: This works better in a Bible that is not filled with a lot of commentary or notes which contribute to a different amount of actual Scripture on a page.)

|   New Testament: Turbo Plan   |

Offline Bible Reading Plans

If you prefer to read out of your own Bible every day instead of coming online, here are a couple calendars that you can print off and keep in your Bible with you. While we at SkepticsCall.com would love to have you visit us here every day, it is more important to us that you are building a personal habit of spending time with God every day. In hoping that we are helping you develop that relationship, we provide the calendars below.

Bible In A Year : Blue Plan
     Download calendar for November 2020
     Download calendar for December 2020

Bible In A Year : Green Plan
     Download calendar for November 2020
     Download calendar for December 2020

Bible In A Year : Red Plan
     Download calendar for November 2020
     Download calendar for December 2020

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